A storytelling game that you play by passing an app.

StoryJam is a Roleplaying game with no complex rulebooks or secret handshakes, designed to be ideal for new players.

Just gather some friends, download the app, and you can start playing immediately.

"It drags the creative side of people out, even the stubborn ones, and at the end of it I guarantee somebody will say "that would make an amazing film"."

— Max, Playtester

2 Hours

2-4 Players

Ages 12+

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Storyset Writer

Create your own storysets and settings for StoryJam with this handy web-app.


The StoryJam community exists to discuss improvised storytelling techniques, share our homemade Storysets, and to talk about the stories we wrote (and what we plan to do with them!)

StoryJam has been a labour of love for me for 3 years, and I'm extreemly proud of the incredibly talented people who have asked to be involved.

James Wallis

James is the creator of award-winning storytelling games 'Once Upon a Time' and 'The Extrodinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen'.

Rob Morgan

Rob was the Lead Game Writer on 'Wonderbook: Book of Spells' in collaboration with J.K Rowling.

Graham Walmsley

Graham is the author of critically acclaimed roleplaying book 'Play Unsafe', on how Improv can help you put stories at the heart of your games.

A StoryJam podcast is on the way - an epic story, improvised by a cast highly skilled roleplayers, improvisers, actors and comedians. As a taster, here's is a wonderful game from the awesome RPG Podcast The Rusty Quill.

"StoryJam Live!" is an Improv Roleplaying show hosted by Ed Croft, creator of StoryJam, and his brother Tommy. Together, they are Jollyboat - a comedy double act who tour the world singing nerdy comedy songs.

An interactive show, where shouting out and joining in is heartily encouraged - together with the audience we create a world, create a character for the audience, and go on an adventure.

Hosted by Jollyboat:

★★★★★   "It’s wonderful to see a comedy duo with such natural chemistry who clearly love to make each other laugh."

- Broadway Baby

★★★★★   "It won’t be long before the Jollyboat boys are boarding the fame galleon and plundering richly deserved booty"

- Three Weeks

★★★★★   "Essential viewing... before they become even more successful"

- LS Media

About the Creator

Ed Croft is a multi-class Comedian / Game-Designer. He travels the world with his brother Tommy, singing comedy songs as Jollyboat, and performing the live show of StoryJam.

Thanks to Playtesters

Thanks to everybody who helped playtest the game: